5 good reasons to wear a mechanical watch

Despite the emergence of quartz watches, watch fans remain captivated by their mechanical counterparts. But why?

The invention of the quartz movement by the Japanese company Seiko in the early 1960s all but brought an end to the century-long supreme rule of mechanical watchmaking. But just like haute couture survived the arrival of ready-to-wear, mechanical watches are still largely popular among enthusiasts. In this article, we'll explain why automatic watches are seen by aficionados as works of art, thanks to their complexity and hand-crafted design.


Mechanical watches are assembled by hand, a far cry from the automated mass production of quartz watches. This method of production requires more training and devlopment time. It's what makes your watch unique and justifies its higher value. Moreover, at a time when instant consumption is king (numerous disposable products, many low-quality products only used for a few months...), owning a mechanical watch, hand-crafted with passionate attention to detail and that you're going to keep for a long time, is of inestimable value.

Exceptional longevity

A mechanical watch is for life. Thanks to the highly skilled artisans of the watchmaking studios established specifically to create these complex objects, a mechanical watch is built to last.

A resistance to high temperatures, easily found replacement parts and free energy are the keys to this longevity. And due to the lack of electrical components, it's also environmentally friendly.

A timeless piece

Mechanical watches are passed down from generation to generation. They are never meant for just one owner. As the most common gift for a father to give his son on his 18th birthday, they transcend time. It's a kind of handover of power from father to son, with strong emotional connotations, especially with the right timing (passing an exam, getting your driver's license...). And the sentimental value of handing down such an item is much higher than just giving money.

A living object

Your mechanical watch and you are as one: it's the movement of your wrist that makes your watch work. Through your movement, you provide the energy for your watch to keep going. This movement is similar to a beating heart, and for many is the main appeal of automatic watches.

A smart investment

A mechanical watch can represent an excellent investment. Unlike a car, whose value falls from the moment it leaves the showroom, a mechanical watch only becomes more valuable over time. Due to the quality of its finishing and significant lifespan, it's generally an intelligent investment in the long-run.

Choosing a watch that reflects your passions

At CODE41, the creation of a quality product, designed to last, has always been at the heart of our project. In a world where excess consumerism tends to take precedence over attractive design, a responsible, ecological approach seemed essential when developing our models. This is why we chose a visible movement for our watches; to showcase the magic of the mechanical movement, a symbol of sturdiness and longevity.