How to choose your first automatic watch

There comes a time in most men’s lives when choosing an automatic watch becomes a rite of passage. Your first timepiece is like your first love: if you don’t dedicate yourself to it, that love has no chance.

Many of us look to exceptional watches to find this “soul supplement”; an authenticity and uniqueness that bring a smile to our face every morning as we slip it on our wrist.

The watch surpassed its basic practical function a long time ago; it’s now become an object of memory, a piece of art imbued with a sentimental value that speaks of your esthetic tendencies.

This rite of passage, this transition, reminds others that you’re capable of appreciating and correctly judging the esthetic value of a design.

An enlightened and cultured man is aware of the intrinsic beauty of a work of art. He is capable of appreciating – beyond the basic chronological function – all of the work that went into creating it, from observation to reflection, and finally design.

How do you choose a timepiece that suits you, and that, above all, you will enjoy wearing every day? Here’s a few pieces of useful advice to help you choose your preferred watch.

First, do some research on watchmaking

The world of watchmaking is simultaneously fascinating and complex. A newcomer might feel overwhelmed by the watch culture, sometimes seen as conceited and inaccessible. But don’t be afraid; behind this unfairly “pretentious” veil hide the magnificent stories of craftsmen and women, and inventions that revolutionize movements, design and complications on a daily basis.

It’s important to begin by improving your knowledge, and understanding the vocabulary of watchmaking; your choice of watch will depend upon it. An educated consumer will always get a good deal. In addition, don’t forget the old Dutch proverb that says “the buyer needs one hundred eyes, the seller not one.” Obviously the price isn’t the most decisive factor in the equation, but it’s always better to pay a fair price for a high-quality watch; that’s the CODE41 principle and the core foundation of the philosophy behind our watches.

How much for which watch?

The watch culture will allow you to know what you’re buying, to possess the knowledge you need to better understand the chain and production and components. All too often, the watchmaking brands play on ambiguity, and maintain a dreamlike aura around the product to ensure it keeps its “status symbol” quality. Behind the storytelling sometimes hides a different reality: the costs of production and the materials used can be overestimated. Be a “Smart Consumer”.

Appreciate watches at their “true” value

Choosing a watch is a personal decision that involves emotion and the desire to discover. This culture stems from the genuine pleasure of educating yourself about watchmaking and technology, the joy of exchanging thoughts with a community and honing your eye for detail. Sometimes, the long weeks of waiting after placing an order result in a moment of pure happiness, and you end up with a watch that you don’t find on many wrists.

Find out more about the watchmaker

We often say that a beautiful watch is the only jewelry a man can proudly wear. But a watch is much more than just jewelry. Communities don’t build up around ornaments, but around expertise. These communities will help you to confirm the reputation of watches and the company that produces them.

However, the decision to buy a watch shouldn’t be based on the preferences of others on the community forums. Don’t ask “which watch should I buy?”, because opinions might always be biased. There are watch enthusiasts who swear only by certain brands. Instead, ask specific questions about the components to reinforces your knowledge. Moreover, the community forums here at CODE41 are completely transparent, and each member has their say in the design and production of the watches.

Make a list of your requirements

Once you’ve come to terms with the basics of watchmaking, make a list of the characteristics that you want your future timepiece to have. Order your preferences, then find the watches that meet your criteria. Do you need a particular complication? Do you need a specific dial that’s easier to read? Do you prefer watches with interchangeable straps?

Finally, tell your own story

A watch created with care, technical expertise and respect will appeal to you much more than one based on a specific market positioning strategy. Tell your own story: how long did you wait to receive your watch? How did you discover it? Where was it made? We invite you to discover our story; now invite us to discover yours.